Thinker Growth Community

The business accelerator that empowers faith-based entrepreneurs to change the world.


YOU are invited to the member-only Thinker Growth Community.

I've spoken to thousands of individuals and advised hundreds of entrepreneurs and executives about business and life.

I'm so excited about helping people move forward, I'm offering my BEST thinking to my friends interested in growing personally and professionally.

If you're ready to invest in yourself, I invite you to join me.

What You'll Get

You'll get my raw thinking and what I ponder, delivered to the community in near real-time, with regular ideas about business and life.

You'll receive access to weekly teaching and videos, along with book, video, and resource recommendations to accelerate your growth.

Plus, you'll join by a community of like-minded people ready to invest in personal and professional growth.

You'll also get:
- member-only monthly video calls with me and my team
- exclusive networking opportunities
- member-only workshops, courses, and masterminds

You can optionally join in Accountability Sprints designed to get you off the mark and moving toward your measurable goals.

Are you ready?

I'm giving access to my 20 years of experience for people who are ready to get unstuck, and move forward in meaningful, measurable ways.


I don't want cost to be the issue for your growth. When you're ready for more, there are ways to get access to on-demand advice quickly.

How does this work?

You'll participate in our private online community.

I'll curate faculty, resources, courses, and masterminds for intentional growth.

When I have a meeting with a CEO, executive,

when I've read,

when I've written,

when I've produced,

when I've connected with people,

I'll let you in on it - behind the scenes...

Just the members of our community.

INSTANT Private Community Updates
SCHEDULED Monthly Video Events
ON-DEMAND One-on-one chats

Connected and Personal

I invite you to know me...

I've hosted hundreds of hours of live streams.
I'm connected with thousands of people around the globe.
And, I value you personally.

Still not sure? You've read this far, and I respect that.

To honor your interest, register today, then email me at [email protected] and I'll give you a discount code to use toward a personal 1.5 hour Strategy Session to get you moving.

Not ready yet?

I get it. And, I'm not trying to hard-sell you.

You have options for personal growth.

You can buy books, watch videos, find a community on your own.

Or, you can let me distill it all down for you -- and simplify your life.

You can have coffee with friends, meet with executives on your own.

Or, you can join my community and get the community's insights.

What if I need to leave?

I understand if you need to leave in the future.

If I haven't provided enough value, cancel.

If you aren't able to apply the growth resources, get out.

If you need to leave...

You can still follow along on LinkedIn, Facebook, and elsewhere.

I won't hassle you if you need to go.